Downtown Los Angeles Specialize Medical Care & Secession Treatment

Addiction Medicine

Our team of physicians at Downtown Urgent Care are fully capable of evaluating and screening a patient for potential symptoms and complications of addiction. If such diagnosis is established, proper initial treatment and referral will be provided.

Quit Smoking

Medications and proper counseling are available at Downtown Urgent Care to help you quit smoking.We are up to date with the latest and most effective techniques in order to help you stop smoking.

Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

Travel medicine has become a rapidly evolving field of medicine. Classically, travel medicine focused on individuals traveling to developing countries with prevention and treatment of malaria, traveler’s diarrhea, and general vaccinations as its primary goal. Travel medicine has subsequently become a dynamic multidisciplinary specialty that encompasses aspects of infectious disease, public health, tropical medicine, wilderness medicine, and appropriate immunization. At Downtown Urgent care we provide the proper vaccinations and medications for your travel needs. Please call ahead in regards to any travel medicine and vaccinations.

Weight Loss Program

At Downtown Urgent Care, our team of physicians can evaluate any related issues in regards to a patient’s weight. After proper evaluation, effective treatment plans such as medications can be prescribed.

Workers’ Compensation

Additional Services