Downtown Los Angeles Urgent Care Medical Services

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Downtown Urgent Care is a walk-in facility that focuses on the delivery of outpatient care in a fully-equipped medical practice outside of a traditional emergency room. At Downtown Urgent Care, in downtown Los Angeles, the services we offer range from treating broken arms, to STDs, to administering flu shots. Continue reading for a full list of the common ailments we treat.

Common Medical Services Provided

Allergies – We offer treatment for all types of allergies, including seasonal ones.

Back pain – Come see us if you suffer from upper and/or lower back pain.

Bites – If you’ve been bitten by a wild animal have it checked out today.

Bronchitis – Do you have a touch of chronic bronchitis?

Cold – The common cold can cause a lot of issues and symptoms.

Colitis – Do you suspect you’re undergoing food poisoning?

Conjunctivitis – More commonly known as “pink eye,” this eye infection can be extremely contagious.

Cough – If you’ve come down with a cough that you can’t seem to get rid of visit our clinic.

Cystitis – This is the medical term given to a bladder infection.

Dermatologic problems – If you’re having skin issues, including a rash or infection.

Diarrhea – This can be either acute or chronic and can be caused from food poisoning.

EKG testing – We offer electrocardiogram, sometimes referred to as an ECG, testing that looks for issues with your heart’s electrical activity.

Flu shots – We offer seasonal vaccinations for the flu that are intended to protect against influenza.

Genital herpes – We treat patients with genital herpes, also known as type II herpes.

Headaches – If you are experiencing painful headaches get checked out today.

Influenza – If you have the flu, we can help treat your symptoms with medication.

Injuries – We treat all common injuries, such as whiplash, sprains, and broken bones.

Insect bites – If you’ve been bitten by an insect, including spiders, ticks, or bed bugs.

Kidney infections – If you have pain in your kidneys, you may have an infection.

Kidney stones – Experiencing pain in the back, side, abdomen, or while urinating may mean you have kidney stones.

Laceration repair (stitches) – A laceration is a tear in the skin and if it is big enough, it will require stitches to close it.

Otitis externa – This is more commonly called swimmer’s ear and symptoms include a fullness in the ear and hearing loss.

Otitis media – This is an inner ear infection that commonly results in drainage of fluid from the ear or hearing loss in the infected ear.

Pharyngitis – The more common name for this is a sore throat and other symptoms include chills, body aches, sneezing, runny nose.

Pneumonia – This can cause sharp pain in the chest and cause your body to experience chills, fever, sweating, fast or slow breathing.

Sinusitis – Treating a sinus infection depends on the diagnosis, but often includes nasal irrigation and nasal decongestants.

Skin rashes – If you are experiencing itchiness, redness, dry, scaly, or crusted skin, you might have a skin rash.

Sexually transmitted diseases – STDs come in many different forms, including human papillomavirus infection (HPV), herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, and syphilis.

Strep throat – This is a contagious infection with streptococcal bacteria that causes the throat’s mucous membranes to experience inflammation and swelling.

Styes – This form of an eye infection often leaves the patient with a puss-filled sore on the inner eyelid.

Suture removal – If you’ve recently received stitches or sutures and need to have them removed, stop by our walk-in clinic today.

TB testing – A tuberculosis test is performed by putting a small amount of TB protein, also known as antigens, under the top layer of your skin.

Vaginitis – Symptoms of this illness include vaginal discharge, itching, irritation, sharp pain when urinating, and discomfort during intercourse.