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Downtown Los Angeles Urgent Care - Flu Shots

Flu Season Vaccine

We offer seasonal vaccinations for the flu that are intended to protect against influenza. It’s important to get yours at least twice a year to combat the rapidly changing flu virus.

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5 Urgent Care Benefits

1. Affordable Rates

Compared to hospital emergency room pricing, urgent care facilities have much more favorable pricing.

2. Follow Up Care

Unlike hospitals, Downtown Los Angeles Urgent Care provides follow ups with all patients.

3. In-House Medication

At our DTLA urgent care facility we offer in-house medication with no waiting to get your prescriptions filled immediately - before you leave.

4. Care Providers

Unlike at hospitals, where care givers range from doctors to nurses to interns, Downtown Urgent Care medical providers are doctors.

5. Short Wait Times

Our L.A. urgent care location is walk-in (within 30 minutes of closing), meaning you have to wait minutes to see a doctor as opposed to hours at a hospital.

6 Facts About Flu Shots

  1. People over 65 years old made up between 80 and 90 percent of all the influenza deaths between 1976 and 2007.
  2. Roughly two weeks after receiving a flu vaccination, the body begins producing antibodies that service to protect your body from contracting a specific string of the influenza virus.
  3. Most often the flu vaccination is administered through an injection; however, sometimes it is given to patients via nasal spray.
  4. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) suggest that everyone who is six months of age and older should be vaccinated for the flu.
  5. The best time of year to get a flu shot is immediately after the vaccine is available.
  6. You can visit a doctor’s office to receive the flu vaccine; however, you have to make an appointment unlike at an urgent care facility.