Downtown Los Angeles Urgent Care Doctor Examinations

Urgent (Non-Life Threatening)

At Downtown Urgent Care we can take care of any of your non­life threatening medical needs. We are equipped with the tools necessary to diagnose and treat most common disorders. At Downtown Urgent Care our staff is committed to providing the utmost efficient and effective care.

General (Routine Health Maintenance)

At Downtown Urgent Care we strive to provide the most convenient care for our patients. For that reason, we offer to provide full scope of routine health maintenance exams and bloodwork.

Gynecological & PAP Smears

A PAP smear is often done as part of a routine gynecologic physical exam in women, and is able to detect precancerous and cancerous conditions in their early and most treatable stages. A PAP Smear is performed regularly in women after age 18 to 21 (or in younger women who are sexually active) to screen for cancer of the vagina, cervix, and uterus. Routine gynecological physical exams other than PAP smear can also help detect other gynecological conditions affecting the
reproductive organs such as the uterus and ovaries. Often a comprehensive sexually transmitted disease panel (STD) is a part of a gynecological physical exam.

School Physicals

Whether your child is getting ready for school, sports, or for camp, a school physical exam is the best way to ensure they are healthy and ready for activity. For a school physical exam, you can walk in and be evaluated without an appointment.

Pre-Employment Clearance

The primary goal is to comply with the employer’s request so that you can start your job as soon as possible. Pre­employment exams consist of a basic checkup as well as a physical exam in order to give the doctor a better picture of your health status. A pre­employment physical exam is done routinely at Downtown Urgent Care and no appointment is necessary at our walk in clinic.

Pre-Operative Clearance

A pre­operative clearance examination will evaluate a patient prior to a surgical procedure to ensure the patient is fit to undergo the surgery. This examination often includes a thorough physical exam along with routine and general blood test. Pre­operative examinations are done on a walk­in basis at Downtown Urgent Care.

Additional Services